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Got Interview jitters? No need. Your coach will help you clearly articulate your value and gain a competitive edge to land the job.

How does it work? Simple! Once purchased, your Coach will contact you within 1 Business Day to schedule your program.

interview + salary coaching


Want to stand out among the competition, leave a lasting impression and negotiate a compensation package that matches your value to the company?


This focused coaching program may be just the ticket. 

What's Included:


  • Up to 2-hours of coaching on articulating your personal brand and responding to tough interview questions

  • Review of typical interview questions and potential responses

  • Assistance with developing questions for the employer

  • Coaching on win-win salary/benefit negotiation strategies

  • Mock interview practice, if desired


networking coaching

WHo IT'S FOR:  Frustrated with your job-search results? Know you need to network, but not sure how to start?  This focused, 3-hour coaching program is for anyone who is struggling to find a strategy to expand their professional contacts and discover “insider” job opportunities. 

What's Included:


  • Up to 3-hours of coaching on conducting a targeted job search and identifying meaningful contacts

  • Customized networking materials/scripts

  • Work with your coach to find the Hidden Job Market – those jobs that are not advertised to the public

  • Learn how to identify and how to connect with others in your field

  • Build confidence when asking others to network with you

  • Explore alternative methods for meeting people who can assist in your search 


meet our coaches

Hannah C.


The interview went really well. I really appreciate our “emergency” meeting on Monday before the interview. I think my coach’s advice regarding being confident in myself, increasing eye contact, turning negative questions into positive responses, and treating everything as a business meeting really helped. In fact, it went so well that they called my references the day after and I just received an offer letter. 


Vic R.


I've learned some very useful tips about crucial interview techniques from my coach. Then we conducted a mock interview and now I feel less anxious about my upcoming interview.  

Thanks so much.

Linda H.


Role-playing with my coach really boosted my confidence to the point where even I was impressed with my interview skills. A recruiter I’m working with made a comment that she hasn’t seen this Territory director so excited about anyone ever. This service was just what I needed to be comfortable and confident about interviewing. 


How do I know which service I need?

If you're not sure which service is best for you, let's talk. Just click the link below and we'll connect with you to help you decide.

This is new for me. What should I expect?

Working with a professional career coach is a confidence-building experience!  Your coach will work to get to know your strengths and interests, understand your goals and help you shape your best course of action to meet them.  It's a partnership with the focus on YOUR success.

What if I'm not happy with my service?

We're happy to report that our award-winning coaches receive a 99% satisfaction rating from their clients year after year. Please contact us with any concerns and we'll gladly work with you to make it right.

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