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Not feeling CONFIDENT about your career direction?  You're not alone. 3 million workers choose to leave their jobs each month. How would it feel to know you were in your 'BEST FIT' career? Our coaches are the experts you need to get you there.

How does it work? Simple! Once purchased, your Coach will contact you within 1 Business Day to schedule your program.

career reset coaching


Anyone who is stuck in their current career path and wants to explore alternative options for their skills.

This focused, 1-hour coaching program may be just the ticket. 

What's Included:


  • 1-month access to Virtual Career Assessment tools

  • 1-hour professional coaching including introductory call to discuss goals and career assessment review with recommendationS.


pathfinder coaching


College Students, Recent Grads, High-School Students, anyone entering the workforce or looking to change careers entirely.​​

This immersive, 2-month coaching program is sure to set you in your 'Best Fit' direction. 


What's Included:


  • State-of-the-Art Interests and Talents Assessment

  • Personalized 'Best Fit' matches to over 500+ Careers

  • In-depth information on each career including 'day in the life', core tasks, salaries and educational requirements.

  • Comprehensive insights about your abilities, self-advocacy language

  • Online access for 10 years

  • Up to 5-hours professional coaching on career pathing, networking and interviewing.

  • PLUS: Resume, LinkedIn Profile or Professional Bio


meet our coaches

Amanda G.


I loved the personality test! The results were spot on.

I was an English major in college with no idea what to do after graduating. It was enlightening to see how many varied career options I had that I hadn’t thought of.  I’m now confident I can find a job that I will love.


Samantha C.


I was so depressed in my old job, and hated to go to an office every day. I really liked taking the assessments to see which career would best suit my love of cooking and my working style.   I was impressed with the service and professionalism of my coach as we explored realistic options for starting a new career. I’m so hopeful now that I may soon enjoy going to work every day.

Christian R.


Taking the assessment exercise was very eye-opening for me.  It validated what I already knew about myself, where my strengths are and it matched my interests to the job market. I’m now able to focus on a completely different career with confidence.  


How do I know which service I need?

If you're not sure which service is best for you, let's talk. Just click the link below and we'll connect with you to help you decide.

This is new for me. What should I expect?

Working with a professional career coach is a confidence-building experience!  Your coach will work to get to know your strengths and interests, understand your goals and help you shape your best course of action to meet them.  It's a partnership with the focus on YOUR success.

What if I'm not happy with my service?

We're happy to report that our award-winning coaches receive a 99% satisfaction rating from their clients year after year. Please contact us with any concerns and we'll gladly work with you to make it right.

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