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5 High-Tech Strategies Your Future Employers are Using Now

Video Interview

Technology has revolutionized recruitment and eased the efforts of human resources to manage the huge volumes of resumes received daily. As the job seeker it's helpful to anticipate the advances that you might encounter during your application process. Here are examples of how employers use technology today to find potential candidates across the globe:

Video Resumes offer the opportunity for you as the job candidate to demonstrate your communication skills and personal brand, offering a more engaging way to self-promote vs a traditional text filled resume. For recruiters, this offers a creative way to gain a more well-rounded impression of your capabilities and style.

Social Media Profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow for recruiters to search for candidates using a specific set of qualifications and keywords in a profile. According to Job-Hunt, more than 90% of recruiters utilize LinkedIn for this purpose. So keep this in mind as you use Social Media. For your LinkedIn profile, it is recommended that you carefully select words targeted to a specific job, to better your odds of gaining a recruiter’s attention in your chosen industry. The words you select determine your online professional brand. Work with a career coach to help you put your best brand to the public eye.

Video interviews are increasingly being used to save time, costs and effort for companies. Information links for a video interview along with instructions are emailed to you as a candidate, requesting that you complete the recorded interview within a timeframe and deadline agreed upon between the company and you as the candidate. The video interview can be shared amongst the recruiter and decision makers, and watched as often as needed during the selection process, without the restrictions of a formal one-time interview meeting. If you are selected to do a video interview, be sure to practice using Video Stream if possible, and follow all instructions to ensure your best effort. Remember to dress in your professional interview clothing for the video interview. Video interviews help companies to maintain compliance and ensure fair and equitable treatment for all candidates.

Online Job Boards are the easiest way for companies to attract a large pool of candidates. You can set up a search that includes your targeted job preferences, including location and specific positions of interest online, and jobs will be emailed to you at intervals you select from daily to weekly.

Mobile Recruiting is the ability for you to use your own mobile device to job search and apply for positions. Using your own technology, for example, an iPhone, you are able to easily apply from wherever you happen to be, as long as Wi-Fi is available. Employers s

ee mobile recruitment as a flexible method that helps them to reach a broader range of qualified candidates who might not otherwise apply. Mobile recruiting includes a wide array of strategies and technology, such as career sites, apps, and text. Typically, mobile recruiting begins with an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) whereas candidates like you are enticed to upload a resume and optional cover letter. According to Bullhorn, 89% of job seekers believe that mobile devices are critical in the job search process. Consult your career coach with any questions about using online job boards.

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