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Meet Hanne: An Expat Story

Hanne relocated from Denmark to The Netherlands with her husband and two children on a corporate transfer.  This was her first move.

It was not an easy decision to make. In this video, Hanne describes how she came to realize how much of her identity was connected to her professional life. A wife and mother, Hanne began to miss her professional identity and wondered where she fit in.  The stumbling blocks she encountered in a foreign country felt like mountains to her. For her second move from the Netherlands to the U.S., Hanne received Spousal Assistance Services and it made all the difference. Talking with her coach helped Hanne overcome many of the stumbling blocks and boosted her confidence.  She was able to make connections and started a networking group at her husband's company and helped others to build confidence as well.

Contact an REA Coach to experience the difference Hanne described!

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